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Whether you are old or young, the need for long term care may arise. Neither Medicare or regular medical insurance will pay for extended periods of your needed custodial care. Long Term Care insurance is the only form of coverage that will pay for extended custodial care when you are unable to care for yourself. Long Term Care insurance helps pay for custodial care at home or a facility


      , giving you the flexability to choose how and where you receive your care. Benefits of the policy kick in when you are unable to complete two of the six designated "Activites of Daily Living" (ADL's) on your own. The six Activites of Daily Living are:




  • Eating

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Transferring

  • Toileting

  • Continence

No one likes the idea of being dependent upon others for help. The reality is someone we know will eventually need some form of long term care assistance at one point in their lives, whether it be from dementia, a disability or any other reason. Our team at the Windsor York is here to help you navigate your options and explain every detail about Long Term Care insurance to help guide you to the right policy for your needs. Help protect your loved ones from the expenses of long term care.


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